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I’m not just saying it, because words are wind. We have the results to back it up too.
Here’re some growth charts of the companies analysed:
Imagine the massive profits you could have made if you took action and invested in the companies! That’s why our participants are able to grow their money exponentially by following our tried-and-tested investment strategy, based on Warren Buffett’s own methods.
A little later on, I’m going to share with you how YOU can achieve the same amazing results…
But before I go into that, my name is Ken, the co-founder of 8 Investment. I’m a self-made multi-millionaire who found success through the twin profit engines of business + investment. Recently, i have transformed 8 Investment from a private investment business with $0 start-up capital, into a public-listed company [8I Holdings Ltd (ASX)] with a market capitalization in excess of S$150,000,000 within 6 years. Today, 8I Holdings is a highly successful investment and education entity, enriching the lives of countless individuals and empowering their growth financially, emotionally & mentally.
I’ve been featured in media such as The Straits Times, The Sunday Times, My Paper, Channel 5, 938LIVE, 958FM, Readers’ Digest, Smart Investors, Shares Investments and many more, where I talk about my experience in entrepreneurship and investment.
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However, things were not always so rosy. I had to overcome great hardship to reach where I am today. My dad lost all his savings in the pan-electric crisis in 1985. I had to quit school and work to help my family survive.
I worked hard to make it through that difficult phase, and managed to get a place in university. After graduation, I landed a job at an IT company. But after just a few months working there, I was retrenched... at the young age of 23.
So how did I overcome all these setbacks to become a multi-millionaire today? To find out, you can watch this episode of Mediacorp Channel 5’s “Recession Heroes”, which featured my story.
Did you enjoy watching the video? I hope you did, and learned more about my values and philosophy towards business, investment and life.
I also like to share a bit more about 8 Investment, since the video did not cover it extensively (my life story too interesting, took up too much time!).
8 Investment has been around for 6 years and counting. During this time, we trained over 2,500 participants, imparted our knowledge to help them invest strategically, and helped them make around 20-25% returns on their investments per annum.
Our graduates come from diverse backgrounds such as business owners, entrepreneurs, working executives, housewives, students and many more.
As you can see, we’re the company for investors who want certainty. When they want to step up and play the bigger game. When they want to learn and master proven strategies to value investing.
Unfortunately, the results our graduates enjoy are the exception...
I see so many people losing money regularly on their investments such as unit trust, stockmarket, gold etc. They pour their hard-earned savings into investing, hoping to grow their wealth exponentially. Instead, they’re flushing their cash down the drain.
Even when they enjoy some small success occasionally, they can’t replicate it constantly. This only proves that they got lucky, AKA one-off success. Because the investors who really know what they’re doing can get consistently great results.
So why is this the case? Why are they not enjoying the wonderful results others are? Why are they making so many fundamental mistakes?
Here’s the answer:
They’re being wrongly advised by so-called “professionals” or “experts”. Either that, or they’re jumping headfirst into investing without properly understanding the right techniques.
It’s sad. But it’s true.
The question is... are you one of them?
REAL TALK: (I only say this because I want the best for you): If you’re constantly losing money, or not getting the results you want from your investments, you do not really know what you’re doing with your investments.
It’s harsh. But it’s true.
So here’s a tip you may find useful. If you’re getting investment advice from “experts”, ask to see proof of their track record to establish their credibility. Make sure that they have experience and are making good profits from their own investments.
You NEED to do this because if they’re not making much money themselves, what gives them the right to risk your money?
It’s like entrusting your Lamborghini to a pimply teenager who just got his license, or to someone with a track record of road accidents.
You’re taking a HUGE risk and you could lose everything.
Would you SERIOUSLY take this risk?
Another useful tip: Investing may seem easy on the surface. You may be seeing people you know make lots of money from the stock market. With just a few clicks of the mouse, they’re getting many cheques, worth hundreds or even thousands, mailed to them every month.
But here’s the thing…
They make investing seem easy because
they invested in investment education.
If you didn’t get that sentence the first time, read it again until you get it. This is important.
Investment success is tied to having a strong education in investment techniques. It’s the same for almost every other aspect of life.
Aspiring footballers need to learn the various techniques to strike a ball. Budding entrepreneurs need to learn important business functions such as marketing and sales. Investors need to learn key, proven strategies to succeed in investing.
People just don’t suddenly become good at something. It’s not how the universe works.
To be good at investing, you need to learn how to
invest the right way.
So here’s the GREAT news: Learning and mastering investing is actually a piece of cake. Anyone can do it. No matter if you’re a professional, housewife or student. All you need is an open mind and willingness to learn.

However, choose where you learn investment from with great care. If you don’t, your foundation for investing will be totally wrong. I see many sources around, even reputable ones, that preach “get-rich quick” investment methods that are dangerous and risky.

Yes… following those methods may get you a temporary fortune if you’re lucky. But the truth is…
“Get-Rich Quick” Investment Schemes are Similar to Gambling

You may get lucky a few times, but without a solid education in proper investing techniques, you’ll end up losing badly in the long run. Just like most gamblers.

The question is: Do you want to gamble blindly with your money?

Believe me, I didn’t get to where I am today by following such risky methods. Gamblers never go far. What I did was develop a solid, proven and sustainable framework based on multi-billionaire Warren Buffett’s own investment strategy.

This framework has made me millions of dollars in investments, and it’s the reason why I’m here talking to you.

Because if you’re ready to make a positive change in your life, I’ve got AWESOME news for you.
We’ll be conducting our Value-Growth Workshop (VGW) on 16th and 17th May, where you’ll learn smart investing techniques that can help you make
consistent passive income!
Since we started running VGW in 2012,more than 1,435 participants have benefited from the powerful investment strategies and insights we shared.
When you attend this content-packed 8-hour workshop,
this is what you’ll learn:
And many more powerful investment techniques and strategies.
I'll show u how to analyse companies’ investment potential. You’ll be mentored by me, a millionaire investor, and I’ll guide you to the promise land of value investing success.
One last thing before I reveal the registration details. I have something important to say. I know I may lose some of you here, but this is really important and I still have to say it…
This workshop is not for everyone.
I’m not just saying it. I’m 100% serious.
That’s because the VGW will be an intensive and interactive workshop where I’ll get right down to the core details of value investing. I’ll be giving my all and trying my best to deliver great value.
So I expect all participants to be armed with the same positive mindset. This is only suitable for action takers who'll use what they learn and improve their financial situation through value investing.
If you just want to come and absorb head knowledge without taking action, I strongly suggest that you do not waste your time.
But for those who’re ready, you’ll get to learn powerful investment techniques for an incredibly low fee of RM199.
As far as I know, you’ll not get better value anywhere else. Think about this: At RM199, you can easily get back your investment many fold, after applying what you learn.
I’m giving you this fantastic bargain because I truly want to help you get better at value investing. If you watched my “Recession Heroes” episode above, you’ll know that my Dad lost all his money because of bad investments and following the wrong advice.
I do not want that to happen to you. This is my way of giving back to the investing community that has given me everything I want in life... and more.
When armed with the knowledge I have,
you can easily enjoy the same success.
I spent years learning my investing skills and building my portfolio. I did it the hard way, which took me a long time and lots of effort. Now, you can learn whatever I know at this amazing price... in just one day!
Super early bird discount of RM20!
After which, the fee will go up to the usual price of RM199.
Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s still a fantastic bargain at RM199 . But why delay when you can take action now, and enjoy an out-of-this world discount of RM20?
That’s a massive 72% discount! It’s really a no brainer! Even a meal at a café/restaurant would cost more!
You know what? I'm gonna make it even more of a bargain for the fast action takers out there.
Let me break it down for you, and work out what’s your best course of action.
RM95 worth of value… for only RM20 (80% discount)!
So take action FAST to enjoy this tremendous value! The bad news is that even before we officially announce this workshop, some of the tickets have already been snapped up by investors who missed the last VGW, as it was sold out.
The good news is you can still grab a seat at the super early bird discount... if you register now!
Oh…I almost forgot. Before you register, I need you to promise me something.
Please use the information you learn ethically, morally and legally.
There’re already many stock market sharks out there, who abuse their knowledge and find morally grey loopholes to wreak havoc in the investing realm. After attending this workshop, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to do the same.
That’s why I hope you make the right choice. With great power comes great responsibility. I sincerely wish that you use this powerful information wisely.
Now that we got that out of the way… hurry and register to enjoy the special early bird discount of RM20!
If you’re ready to step up and live the life you deserve… If you’re ready to stretch beyond your comfort zone and get what you want… If you feel excitement at the prospect of ultimate financial freedom… Purchase your ticket below and you’re all set!

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Date: 16th May 2015, Saturday
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Date: 17th May 2015, Sunday
Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Bayview Hotel, George Town Penang Level 4, Sri Perak Room

RM20 Only!

We’ll see you at the Value Growth Workshop!
We can’t wait to add tremendous value to you!
To Your Financial Freedom,
Ken Chee, Founder, 8 Investment
P.S. Here’s a recap of the important points I shared:
To be good at investing, you need to learn how to invest the right way. If not, you’re putting your money at a huge risk, and you could be flushing your hard-earned cash down the toilet.
Attending the VGW will equip you with the skills to succeed in investing. It could be your gateway to long-term financial freedom. You’ll get to learn investment secrets from a millionaire investor like myself.
At RM20, it really is a no-brainer. Having a meal at a café would probably cost you more. What you can learn can change your life forever, and lead you down the desired path to financial freedom. So hurry and sign up before they’re all gone!
P.P.S. Here’re some important dates to note so you don’t miss out: